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Name of Rolls Required Properties Polymer Material Color Hardness Hs A
Extension able Nip Roller Abrasion Resistance EPDM Black Yellow 60~80
Releasing and Seperation CSM Black Marine 60~80
Heat Resistance Silicone Black White 60~80
Guide Roller winder process Ozone Resistance CR Black Color 50~80
Abrasion Resistance EPDM Black Yellow 50~80
Di Electrical Statics CR Black 50~80
Electrical Conductivity EPDM Black 50~80
Touch Roller Low Friction Coefficient CR Black Gray 40~70
Contact Roller Smoothness CR Black Gray 40~70
Corona Treatment Process   Silicone White 40~70
Heat Resistance EPDM White 70
Ozone Resistance CSM White 70
Electrical Impact Resistance Silicone White 70
Electrical Transition Silicone White 70
Applicator Roller Coating Roller Solvent Resistance NBR Red 30~50
Solvent Resistance NBR Black 50~80
  Polyurethane Brown Yellow 30~80
Polar Solvent Resistance EPDM Black White 30~80
Extrusion Lamination Roller Nip Roller Abrasion Resistance CSM Black White 50~80
Heat Resistance Silicone White 50~80
Releasing and Seperation Silicone White 50~80