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Name of Rolls Required Specification Rubber Material Color Hardness Hs A
Wringer Sink Mechanical and chemical Properties CSM Black Color 50~90
EPDM Black 70~85
NBR Black 70~90
Polyurethane Brown yellow 80~90
H NBR Black 70
Bridle High Mechanical Properties Polyurethane Brown yellow 80~90
Steering High Grip Properties NBR and
Special Rubber
Black 70~90
NBR Black 70~90
H NBR Black 85
Deflector High Mechanical Properties NBR Black 70~90
Guide High Loading and
Abrasion Resistance
Polyurethane Brown yellow 80~90
    H NBR Black 80~90
Coating Solvent Resistance Polyurethane Brown yellow 50
Applicator Printability Polyurethane Red 50
Polar Solvent Resistance EPDM Black Color 50