The expander rolls are used to arrange dyeing and expand fabrics, Paper and films in paper and plastic printing
  It freely rotates by the minimum contact area, and expands targer objects.
  It requires strong resistance against chemicals dyestuffs, pigments, acids and alkalis, as well as against oils and
Section Name of Rolls Hardness Hs A Properties
Textile RUN - PAND 65  Material with excellent abrasion resistance and chemical  resistance
SS - HS- PAND 65~70  Constant maintenance of surface cocentric level and cylindricity at  high-speed rotation
SI - PAND 65~70  Excellent high concentration (pH10) and resilience
SI - PAND 65~70  High concentration(pH10) and heat resistance(120)
SI - PAND 65~70  Material with maximum strengthening of keat resistance and  chemical resistance
TEMP -PAND 65~70  Excellent hear resistance (160) and excellent chemical  resistance
Paper RUN - SPEED 70~80  Application to high-speed rotation(1,000rpm)
SI - SPEED 70~80  Constant maintenance of roundness level and cylindricity at very  high speed rotation(1,000rpm)
Film Electonics SS- PYE 65~70  Excellent restoring force and oil-resistant and acid-resistant  material
SE - PYE 65~70  Material excellent at the place with mass generation of static  electricity
SUN - PWS 70  Super heat-resistant rubber (200) having excellent physical  rubber property