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Product Name Longitude Quality Application area
WO 45~85  Oil resistance,
 abrasion resistance
 desizing , fine shaggy saturator
SO 60~85  Chemical resistance,
 pressure resistance, elastic
 enter machine, continuos reducer,
 glossing machine, padding machine,
 printing machine
NRG 65~95  Chemical-resistance,  abrasion-resistance, elastic  beating machine ,padding machine, guide rolls
SHF 70~95  Heat-resistance,
 merserizing M/C, tenter machine
 (including expander roll)
NHF  Heat-resistance,
 Chemical-resistance products
SZ 55~70  Heat-resistance, oil-resistance,
 and abrasion-resistance
 resistance,sizing machines, high-pressure  squeezing-use
SN 70~98  Oil-resistance,
 printing machines, high-pressure squeezing use,  daigo roll.
RN 85~98  Oil-resistance,
 abrasion-resistance and elastic
 printing machines, high-pressure squeezing use,  daigo roll.
MR 100  Oil-resistance,
 pressure-resistance, top rolls for softening  machines and spinning
SR 100  Pressure-resistance and  abrasion-resistance  gate machines, high-pressure squeezing-use,
 guide rolls, glossing machinery drum-use
SMC 65~90  Abrasion-resistance,
 and heat-resistance
 ilgater m/c, and high-pressure squeezing-use
SMB 45~55  Heat-resistance,
 and chemical-resistance
 products coating machines, heat-resistance and  chemical-resistance expander rolls
SP 45~55  Slip-resistance and
 rolling machine-use
SE 65  Chemical-resistance,
 dry and wet type expander rolls-use
SI 70  Elastic and heat-resistance  expanders
OS 23~35  Elastic, oil-resistance,
 and chemical-resistance
 printing machine rolls-use