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Nov. 20 Established Sanggee rubber roll
  Mar. 20 Finished paper-making roll and fiber roll
    Jun. 10 Produced expander roll
    Jul. 10 Finished and produced prototype of press top (MICRO ROCK) for paper-making
  May. 15 Produced iron-manufacture roll (Sink roll, Wringer roll, and Applicator roll Etc)
  Aug. 15 Applied utility model registration for waterproof structure of expander roll
  Dec. 31 Moved factory with expansion (47B 16L, 2nd complex, Seongseo Territory)
  May. 13 Registered utility model for waterproof structure of expander roll
  Aug. 13 Developed alkali-resistant rubber roll (pH10)
    Dec. 31 Achieved 2.5 Billion won of yearly sales
  Jun. 15 Selected as a VIP enterprise
    Sep. 05 Selected as the company developing the industrial technology related to rubber belt for shrink-proofing processor
  Jan. 02 Established Gyeonggi Branch of sanggee rubber roll
    Jun. 05 Developed rubber-material calender for hear-resistant and pressure-resistant fiber
  Feb. 26 Selected as a hopeful medium-and-small enterprise
    Apr. 23 Established an exclusive R&D department
    May. 21 Received model medium-and-small Enterprise prize
    Jun. 05 Organized a job training consortium
    Oct. 31 Finished development of technology for shrink-proofing processor
  Mar. 30 Developed new materials for chemical and electronic areas-glossy and dull roll
    Mar. 12 Developed new materials for chemical and electronic areas-highly-elastic roll
    Aug. 30 Produced urethane roll
    Dec. 18 selected as a focused technology development company supported by the ministry of commerce, industry, and energy
    Dec. 30 Finished SG (2ad factory)
  Mar. 23 Selected as the company possessing advanced technology
    Mar .23 Produced plated products
  Mar. 11 Expansion of advanced automatic molding machine (EMC) 1000L
  Oct. 03 Established vietnam factory